Interlude in Death

Interlude in Death - J.D. Robb Blood doesn't always tell, character does.

Such a great short, I think that we see that though Roarke and Eve have been through quite a bit, there is still a lot more for us to learn, especially about Roarke and his past. This book really focused on Roarke's father and his past. I find it hard to believe that he really is unaffected by what his father had exposed him to, but Roarke is pretty special, although I'm sure it will come up again at some point. I liked the new characters especially Darcia the detective on the Olympus planet where the story takes place. I think that this was a short but a profound story for the couple, Eve and Roarke got to see how far from their fathers they really are now, and we got to see how much trust exists between these two.

"You have a good heart."
"And clear vision," Roarke added when Mira walked away.
"Clear vision?"
"To see through the dreck and the shadows to the core of the man."
"Nobody gets through life without fucking up. He gave fifty years to the badge. It wasn't all what it should've been, but it was fifty years. Anyway." She shook off sentiment. "I've got to check on Peabody."

Off to be Seduced in Death!