Impossible Choice

Impossible Choice - Sybil Bartel I thoroughly enjoyed this book! way more than the first. I think that Layna is a powerhouse, even when she breaking down because of the crazy circumstances surrounding her life. When Blaze heads back to Afghanistan on active duty it becomes clear that Layna is not good at being alone, but she somehow pulls through, and when Blaze returns to her it is after a serious accident in which he injured, and this is where so much happens. I think Blaze really feel like he has to be a hero for Layna all the time, which was why he did not even tell her he was coming home, but the problems that they face in a relationship that is so young but under so much strain is expected, and I think they deal with it in a very realistic way. The truth is this book was hit after hit after hit for these two, and it kept me on my toes, and it really liked it. I think that this a well written glimpse into a few months of their lives, and relationships that make them who they are. I loved having Talon back, I think he is just the sweetest, and we finally learnt his story as well and there was so much to take in with that story, it was unbelievable, but Talon needs a girl, and I hope he gets one soon. Meeting some more of Blaze's friends was also a fun treat, they are all so Marine but so different. I hope that we will get to know what happens with these two in a few months, cause I don't think I'm ready to shelve them just yet.

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