Leaving Paradise

Leaving Paradise - Simone Elkeles Now I have to be upfront, I do not like YA books, its a genre I avoid as much as possible, but I have a challenge to read a book from an author with the same initials as me and this feel into my lap. That being said, I really really enjoyed this book. I think it was so honest, and real, I think the fact that Maggie held on to her hate and hurt for such a long time, that she would be so isolated from everyone, and that she would be so insecure, is very realistic. I think that teenagers are their own species of people and this book reflects that. But Caleb was so complex, so beautiful, so lonely, and so damaged I fell for him so early in the book. I think he is just a really real hero, someone who just made a mistake, and is trying to fix it. But life is bitch of course, I think the addition of Mrs. Reynolds was awesome as well, this old lady who inadvertently (or maybe on purpose) brings these two together, and allows them to get through their problems. She leads them to a place of healing that would impact them for life.

Now based on all the reviews I read I knew that the ending of this book would not be easy, but I was not prepared for how hard it would be. Hard but so real, I think that everyone made the best decision, but I am very very happy that there is another book to see where these two end up at the end. I really didn't expect to enjoy this book as much as I have, and I look forward to the next book in the series!