Scarred - Thomas Enger

Thank you Netgalley for giving this book in exchange for an honest review.

High-paced, while thought provoking murder mystery/thriller!

I really enjoyed how this book was written, there are two seemingly (at least for the first quarter) unconnected worlds, and seem to collide at just the right moment. I think that Henning made a fantastic lead, because he is so lost in his personal life, that his murder actually helps him, it allows him to focus his energies on something else, on a killer who murdered an elderly woman in the most gruesome way. There is Hennings' sister Trine who is the Justice Secretary who finds herself involved in very scandalous situation as well, one that later will collide with her brother's case.

Then there is the story of the investigator of the murders who has his own story line which wasn't as good as the aforementioned, but still kept the story moving at a great pace. I love the way in which Enger weaves his worlds, they are so intricate but every detail has a place, it has a story, it has somewhere to be, and something that it means. Really, really enjoyed this story.