Jagged Indeed

Jagged - Kristen Ashley

*** ARC provided by Forever Publishing via NetGalley ***


I have to say that I really enjoyed the Colorado mountain series. I think every other book got a 5 star rating from me. I think that these guys and girls are so intriguing, and the way their stories are constructed really lend to so much more than a typical romance. I think that KA is so good at mixing the romances with the social issues, that you just don't notice either one is taking over.


Both Reece and Zara were so likable from the get-go. I felt like they were just your average hook up buddies. And I really felt that though it was going to be hard,the way their relationship develops made a great story line  I think that Zara is just such a spitfire. And she is such a survivor as well. Being able to have lived through and survived all she has battled, is just so amazing, and so beautiful. Graham Reece is such an alpha  but he’s not the in your face type of alpha like Tate or Chase or Max. He’s more like Ty, in that he doesn't say much, and getting information out of him when he’s not ready its nearly impossible. And maybe that’s why I liked him so much. He was so sweet, and loving, and scarred. Not as badly as Zara but it was there. The difference was that Zara worked through her problems upfront and as best as she could, and Reece ran.


I think that the fact that Reece made the comment, just speaks to how amazing he is. Because like I said before Reeece is not a big talker, but he took so many measures to show his feelings to Zara way before she even agreed to give them another go. I think that was the best part, the small things he did for her, like moving her into his apartment  He never asked, he just showed up and said you either move in with me, or I move in here. I think that spoke volumes about where he wanted them to go. At the same time, I completely understand why Zara was so apprehensive about them getting together 


I like that there was no real conflict within the relationship once these two got together. There were a few hiccups cause of exs, but that's expected. What I liked what just how they were able to openly and like adults are expected to do speak about their issues with the exes in their lives, and why it is such an issue . I think that's the best part about KA books, the lack of the unnecessary angst, and tension. These are two people who love each other, but they are placed in some extenuating circumstances, however, these circumstances are external to their relationship. This makes reading the books more enjoyable.


I loved that we got to catch up with Nina and Max, they were so much fun in the Gamble, and they did not disappoint. Also Cotton was around just making me laugh all the time. But I think its especially a great story because of the relationship that exists between these characters and Zara. I liked that she had roots, and a community to support her. It’s clear that she may not have much, but she has people who love and care for her well being  And I liked that they have Reece such a hard time about them getting back together.


So another awesome book for KA, I don't think she can do wrong. I think that these two are so sweet, also I just feel the need to mention, that there is a ton of sex scenes, and in my opinion, that just is the icing on the cake for me.

So should you take the time to read this book, absolutely if you are a fan of the Colorado Mountain Series, its a must.