More Seduction Than I Could Handle

10 Shades of Seduction - Anne Calhoun, Tiffany Reisz, Alegra Verde, Portia Da Costa, Lisa Renee Jones, Saskia Walker, Alison Tyler

*** ARC provided by Harlequin via NetGalley*** 

So this was an anthology, and it was so good! I think that each of these authors presented some seriously hot, steamy and naughty shorts, that very easily captured the imagination 

Submit to Desire by Tiffany Reisz 
For fans of the The Original Sinners, this short story is all about the lovely, and amazing brutal Kingsley Edge. He introduces Charlotte to the world of 8th Circle. In true Kingsley fashion, no means is spared, and by the end Charlotte won’t even remember her vanilla life. 
“You don’t have to be afraid of your fear, Charlie. You’re allowed to be afraid and like it.”
“Normal people aren’t supposed to like this stuff. Normal people aren’t supposed to enjoy being thrown down, tied up and practically raped.”
“My beautiful Charlie.” Kingsley kisses her slowly. “Perhaps it’s time to admit you aren’t normal people.” 

Second Time Around by Portia Da Costa 
Ah, the all important 20 year high school reunion, where Willa sees an old acquaintance across the room, and instantly get hot and bothered. Not only was he her high school boyfriend, but he was also her ex-husband. I think this story was special, because we got to see these two finally be honest with each other even after being divorced, he comes back and is the domineering man, that he’s always reigned in for her, and she is finally the submissive that he always knew she should be. It was so hot, and fun. I think the new and improved James was just so much better than quiet and frustrated James. 

Tempting the New Guy by Alegra Verde 
When a new employee joins the ranks at an advertising agency, Glory is charged with making him feel welcome. Now to she knows her way around the office with the other execs, and with Alex there was no difference. He was all ready to do whatever needed to be done to ensure that he got to know more about the office, and the way things work. Boy was that fun. 

Giving In by Alison Tyler 
Boy Oh Boy, this story was a lesson for us all. You think you know your friends and then they whisk you off on a magical vacation, and all of a sudden you don’t know SHIT! I have to say I loved this story cause I think that Ellis was just so realistic in that she was scared, and excited, and ready and unwillling all at the same time. I have to say that overall this was one of the more unique stories in the book.

What She Needs by Anne Calhoun 
I think this was my fave story in the entire book. The secret meeting of strangers. A married woman who is bored, and tired of the ritual, and the man who makes her feel different for a few hours. I know its wrong, but this was just the most touching of the stories. The way in which they are able to just have a scene in that hotel room, and are able to escape everyday life, it was super hott, and just one of those glimpses into someone’s life, that makes short stories so good. 

Vegas Heat by Lisa Renee Jones 
When attorney Sonya Miller goes to vegas to try to snag some upscale clients for her law firm, she never expects to fall into bed with one of those clients. Dante Ricci is hot and Italian and heir to an empire. He’s also amazing in bed, and Sonya finds that out the right way. I think I liked this story because it was a bit more complex, you got to actually see a relationship develop over the few pages, and that was a wonderful thing. I loved the banter between these two when they weren’t ripping up sheets, and causing the people staying in the room next door to bang on the walls. 

A Very Personal Assistant by Portia Da Costa 
Miranda works hard, and often time, that work can be very very stressful. So after an especially hard meeting, she accepts her assistant's offer to take her away from work for a few hours. But Patrick has plans to have Miranda relinquish all her power to him. I think this story was just so hot and fun! I loved that the man was the assistant, and how easily they switch out of their roles of boss and assistant, and into their roles as sub and Dom. It was such a great short steamy read. 

Tied Up and Twisted by Alision Tyler 
Well this was definitely a different story. There are so many people mingled up in this story. Starting with Hadley who is a report just back from a year off trying to get over her relationship with Guy. Here’s the thing, while Hadley is done with Guy, he’s not done with her. And he wants her, he wants to be her sub again, the problem is Hadley wants to be a sub as well. And so Hadley approaches Reed Forest who is a coach at a gymnanism. He is just the right Dom for her and she goes for it. While Guy tries to come to terms with Hadley being a switch he meets Dean. I think this story is so well captured by the title of it, Tied Up and Twisted indeed, but lots of HOT moments as well. 

Letting Go by Sarach MaCarty 
Marc and Becky are a married couple on a romantic weekend. A romantic weekend that involves their introduction into the world of BDSM. Nothing extreme there was no teachers, just two people trying new things with each other. The emotion that came through the pages of this story were raw, and real. Becky being apprehensive about giving over power to Marc, and him being just so sweet and reassuring about their exploration. I think this is a wonderful story, it just really showed how close these two are as a couple and as a result how wonderful their experiences are. 

Forbidden Ritual by Saskia Walker 
Imogen (weird name right?) and Giles have been having a secual relationship which sometimes includes spanking and handcuffs, but now Giles wants some more trust and he’s getting it by introducing ropes to the equation. I liked how apprehensive Imogen was at first, but once she thought about it, she realized that Giles was asking for a lot more than just being able to tie her up with rope, he wanted to tie her up with his love as well. Great quick read. 

So it was a wonderful, and balanced collection of stories found here. I do recommend taking your time, and not reading the book all the way through, i found it difficult to easily go from one story to the next, so I read them one at a time, whenever I was in between other books, and I think that helped me to enjoy each one based on its own merit.