Meet the Raven Boys...

The Raven Boys - Maggie Stiefvater

This was a really different story. I mean it starts off really weird, like there are several POVs, that are kinda all over the place, and then each person in the story are connected by this supernatural force, but on the surface nothing else. I think the story is a bit awkwardly paced, but I have to say it left me feeling very intrigued.

First we have Blue Sargent, and her strange family of psychics. I think Blue was a very typical teenager who has always been for lack of a better word different. I think she has always been exposed to this life, and so it doesn’t phase her, but its clear by the third chapter, that Blue has also been kept in the dark about many of the powers that her family possesses. I think that Blue was my favorite character she was so brave, and many that’s why liked her so much, and I think that her bravery was not just from being OK with the supernatural but its just who she is. And Blue has a secret, that she’s always known, and yet still she tries to change fate which of course is both a recipe for disaster and a great book series.


"Blue. My name is Blue Sargent.”




Blue sighed. “Jane” 


Second, we have the fantastic foursome from the Aglionby boys school. Each of these young men, are so different, and yet they are tied together by Gansey, he is the glue that keeps them all in the same place. I think Gansey was just such an interesting character. He was really caring, and responsible when it came to his friends. He was the leader that they all needed thought they were so different from each other. Ronan is a wildcard, he has be traumatized by the untimely death of his father, and since then he has been a completely different person. Not only this but Ronan knows something, something that he has ever shared with anyone. Then there is Noah, who doesn’t like leaving the house he shares with Gansey and Ronan. Noah keeps to himself, but he also loves and trust Gansey and supports Gansey’s quest to find Glendower (this part you’re going to have read the book to understand). Then there’s Adam, he is the scholarship kid at Aglionby . He has this sense of pride that was admirable in the beginning but got just annoying and stupid by the end of the book. But together they are the raven boys.


"You’re looking for a god. Didn’t you suspect that there was also a devil?” 


I have to say that the ever shifting third person POV was hard to keep up with in the beginning. And for the majority of the book, this was a 3-star book. But the last 40% was just amazing, and I think that it the reason why the book got a better rating from me. What  goes down in that 40% was riveting.

I’m really looking forward to the next book in the series. I might just read it next.