Halfway to the Grave

So I finally read this series, and I have to say everyone was right, it rocked my socks off! There were so many things I just loved about this book. I’m sure I’m going to miss stuff in this review but here we go! Half vampire + Full vampire = Awesome Book!


The Good 


Cat : is just so kick ass! She is brave beyond words, and yet she has these vulnerable moments when we remember that up until now she has had a shit life. But I loved her, I think the fact that she knows how take a blow, and doesn’t know when to back down makes for a wonderful leading lady. I also loved her ballsy attitude, she would just say what needed to be said, and then that would be the end of the discussion (probably because the vampire was now dead). I can’t wait for more of her.


'Don’t kiss me Like a woman if you’re going to treat me like a child.’


 Bones:  OMG. He is fantastic! He has a British accent, the dirtiest mouth I’ve heard or read in a really long time, and just the biggest heart, I have ever seen in a guy like him. I think the fact that he was so loving and protective of Cat. I liked how he worked so hard to make her an even better half vamp, and how important it was for her to always be safe. It’s clear that Bones knows no fear when it comes to Cat. He is quite the vamp bf, if you ask me.


"Necessity if the mother of all appetites. What you need in order to survive, you learn to love.”


 Timmie  Cat’s only human friend ever! He is so sweet, and scared. A conspiracy theorist, and just all around good guy, I have to say that he was a breathe of real air in this book about the dead. I really liked that he was so caring of Cat, and was always looking out for him.


The banter:  Omg the British phrases are just so funny throughout this book, and things that Bones says to Cat… out of this word funny. Also Cat’s internal dialogue is pretty damn entertaining as well.  

There was an empty seat near the ghosts or would the politically correct term be living impaired’

‘I was now outfitted as Cat, the vampire-killing slut.’

‘“Come to think of it, pet, you are a liar, possessor of false identification, and a murderer.”

“Your point?”

I snapped. “Not to mention a tease,” he continued as if I hadn’t spoken. “Foulmouthed, as well. Yep you and I will get along famously.”’

‘‘With Bones, it was either improve or die.’ 


The Sex:  It takes a while when it does happen, its awesome, and hot and awesome, and I wanted more. Lol.


 The ending:  I think I fell in love with Cat in the end of this book. She was just so brave, and she really proved to me that she was in love.


The Bad 


 It drags at first: I will admit it took me a while to really get into the storyline, and I think it was once Bones entered the scene and started training Cat, that the story picked up for me, and by the end I was suffering from book whiplash from all the action that was happening.


The Ugly 




I have to say this is a great start to the Night Huntress series, I can’t wait to read the next books. I am so excited to see what’s going to happen next.

If you run from me, I’ll chase you, And I’ll find you…”