Interview With The Vampire

Interview With The Vampire - Anne Rice So firstly i'd like to say before True Blood I was never a big fantasy fiction fan (wow try saying that five times fast) but i figured, i like those vamps, what others (no i will not read twilight) but this was a very interesting read indeed. The story is very authentic, i actually enjoy the little in and outs between time. But i didn't in the least enjoy the descriptions, they were often way too long and i just wanted to get to the story. Also i felt a disconnect in certain places, which now that i think about it is probably to get the reader to read the next book in the series, (don't think that's going to happen anytime soon for me though) I did enjoy however Louis' story, i thought that his growth from the beginning to the end of the book was very realistic, and though i felt for him at times, he was always aloof, it was just him coming to understand such was the journey, overall i think that this being one of the earlier modern looks at vampires was a great beginning, but still hasn't convinced me that they are worth the imagination it takes to include them in my other readings.