Genuine Lies

Genuine Lies - Nora Roberts So this book is kind of dated, saw it on bookshelf at home, and decide wat the hell. I actually enjoyed it. It's my first book by Nora Roberts, and I must say it was way better than I was expecting. Yes its a lil bit dated (they described a PC as modern technology) but i did enjoy the plot, and all the other parts in between. I really liked the characters even the villains (and there were a lot of them) Roberts did a good job of describing them and making good character portraits and the story kept me guessing till the last. It is kinda sadd to start a story where u know the main character is dead, and i was hoping i would hate eve, but i didn't i grew to respect here, and actually like her. Overall based on this book i am willing to give another Nora Roberts book a try, as long as it's set up is similar to this one.