Wild Card

Wild Card - Lora Leigh This was one awesomely fantastical book. I haven’t enjoyed a book this much in a while, and I want to kick myself for reading this earlier. So a pretty sad, and tragic beginning to this whole story. Nathan Malone is a SEAL, and he’s also husband to a beautiful sweet woman named Sabella. Now a mission goes terribly wrong and Nathan is captured , tortured, drugged to nearly the point of insanity and declared dead. But the time spent captured leaves his body very broken, and when he is done with the many surgeries it took to put him back together, it is clear that he is not going to look the same. But it is not only the physical, but also the psychological, and emotional trauma that forces Nathan to believe that his wife would be better off with him dead. But then a mission with a new team sends him back to his hometown, and even worse back to the garage that he once owned, that now his wife and younger brother run. The story from there is one that I have to say had the potential to go very south, but it didn’t instead, it was one that I can honestly say I enjoyed and I had no real problems with, I ripped through the pages, just so enamored with these two as they try to find their way to each other again. The sex scenes were extremely sexy, the military action scenes so well described that it was like I was standing right there. Even the dream sequences between Sabella and Nathan, I found to be very well presented.

Sabella Malone is one of those female characters that will love and admire for a long time to come. She is in a situation that could make her be a typical annoying heroine, who is constantly making stupid unnecessary mistakes, and then apologizing or getting pissed at the hero in the story. But not Sabella, once she figures out that it is her husband standing in front of her, that it is husband that she’s falling in love with all over again, Sabella instantly believes with all her hear t that he did not return to her because he was protecting her. I loved that she trust Nathan/Noah to do what was right for her and for them as couple. She loved him beyond words and even death. The connection between them was so beautiful in that she could feel his pain while he was captured. That was really beautiful

Nathan Malone now known as Noah Blake was a man who was totured to the point that no one ever thought he’d be able to function again. But he crawled out of it because of his love for the wife that taught him so much about himself. I think that Noah’s character was one that was so strong, and driven, but also broken. He wanted to see Sabella happy, but he never wanted to see what he did see when he returned. That she was still stuck with her dead husband’s everything around her, it was heartbreaking, but he worked very hard to try to help her overcome his death. He also realized that she was a lot stronger than he ever gave her credit for, and that he might’ve been wrong to not let her help im. There is a scene where he is one the drugs that had been pumped into his system for 19 months, and his behavior is very much irrational,. But through it all, he is focused on Sabella. Also there is a love scene where Noah is bleeding and still he can’t keep his hands off of his wife.

The secondary characters especially the Malones were also very entertaining. From Jordan who loved his nephew like a brother, and who only wanted Nathan to see that he’d chosen the kind of wife who would never leave his side because he was sick. Jordan always wanted what was best of Nathan, and I believe that is why he took a mission in their home town. Grandpop Malone was such a wise man, and it was clear that he loved his children and grandchild. And Grandpop loved Sabella as well, he taught Nathan and Rory so much about life, it was clear that they both had a lot of respect for him, and that they both wanted to make him proud. But for me by far my favorite Malone was Rory, he was so determined to keep his promise to his brother to take care of his sister-in-law, it broke my heart. Roray was the one who stood by Sabella when the rest of family abandoned her, and he stepped in as her Nathan, down to taking her to doctor’s appointments. The major fdifference between him and Nathan was that Roray did not try to stop Sabella from working in garage, and he let her be herself, and it was clear that this was something that she really appreciated in him. My favorite line in the entire book was, “He grabs my neck one more time, and I swear to God, to God Jordan, and I’m telling Grandpop,. Your name will be in it. You don’t want that. And I’ll tell on you.”

And so I highly recommend this book, I have no complaints to make, except I hope that Rory gets his own book, cause I really liked him.