Taming the Wolf

Taming the Wolf - Stephanie   Nelson I have to say that I really enjoyed this book. It was actually #5 on my TBR list, and I don’t know why I never got around to reading it. The plot was fun, at times funny, and all together unexpected which is what I love in books. The two main characters had some serious chemistry, and there was even a love triangle in there for a while.

Anna is a newly made werewolf, who was attacking while jogging in the woods. She is taken into a pack, and for now is at the bottom of the food chain. Now I want to say that I admire that Anna accepts her place at the bottom in the pack, and though she admits to making mistakes and stepping out of line, she is working hard to be a member of the pack as well. Throughout the book however, it is clear that while she has accepted her fate as a wolf, she also is still trying to live as a human, by human morals and standards, and there are some pack traditions that she neither understands nor respects. But I loved her all the same, she was giving and kind, and she knew that though she didn’t have much to do with being what she is, she embraced it the best way she could. Her relationship with Sawyer was forced at first, but it grew to be such a real friendship. Elle was a a true friend who wanted to make Anna feel at home as much as possible.

Adam pack-master, was great, so domineering and still, there were moments in there where he was so kind and considerate and sweet. I admire that he at least pretended to not be attracted to Anna, but I didn’t like that he pushed her onto Sawyer, and then tried to make her sleep with him. But once he and Anna realized that they had something special, it was so beautiful, I really enjoyed their short but sweet time together. I loved that Adam could speak to her telepathically, I think it made their relationship even stronger, and more fun.

All the wolves were fun, and I have to say that I almost didn’t finish because of a plot twist that I didn’t see coming. But it was fantastic! I loved everything about this book. I highly recommend it, and I can’t wait for the next installment.