The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games - Suzanne  Collins Ok so i was very skeptical about this books i didnt particulary like the young adult genre when i was a young adult and now that im not i thiught that i might not even be able to finish it but it. But not only did i finish but i enjoyed. Katniss is typical 16yo libing in some tough times but i must say that suzanne collins did an excellent job of making surebthan she is relateable to not just her peers but everyone who might be placed in a similarsitation. Having said that i must admit that even after having finished this book im not sure how i fel about katniss, and im not sure katniss knows how she feels about herself which rings familiar for 16yo but not for the older crowd. Um i do wosh we got to know some of the other characters better, (but i guess i will in the next couple of books). I do also wish that we could get a lil hit more background on the other tributes. I loved peeta from the moment i heard the story about the bread, and i really felt for hik at the end of this book. I also didnt particulary like how the book ended but i guess since they were always plans for more books it makes sense. So overall a good summer read, i would recommend, but not sure that im over excited to read catching fire right away but i know i will get around to it.