Catching Fire

Catching Fire - Suzanne  Collins wow so while the first book in this series had al the introductions, this one had all the action. i loved it. katniss has clearly began to mature, and she is one stubborn chick. as much as i like gale i dont feel like inknow him as well as peeta and so im definately on team peeta. the love between katniss and peeta is so deep, and complicated and mature it seems to be much ,ore mature than the two characters themselvs. now president snow is a chracter that i can sink my teeth into he is so evil and i reallyhopewe find out why his breath smells like blood because he is creepy but i would hope that his motivations run deeper than simply power. haymitch is one of those flawed charaters u cant help but like an di do agree with peeta that he and katniss have some kind of secret langigage understanding between them. i do love the revalation of the uprisisng plan and cant wait to begin the next book.