Mockingjay - Collins Suzanne Ok so i get that Katnuss was relunctant and confused about what was expected of her after being 'rescued' from her second hunger games and ii get that she was scared and alone and felt betrayed. However, while by the end of the hunger games and throughout t catching fire Katniss demonstrated growth, understanding, and maturity she appears to be a confused scared little girl throughout mockingjay which is the time when she should be at her bravest she is entirely too weak and spontanoues and although she does feel bad for some of the destruction that she has inadvertedly caused Katniss just does wat she wants and i hate the way she treats Peeta and Gale in this book unlike the the first two books this was a tideous read and i just kept hoping that it would get better but it never did kind of sadd now....even in the very end katniss seemed lost and unsure of this and i wish collins did a better jib of explaining the roles of some of the other charatera in the rebellion especially president coin