Reflected in You

Reflected in You - Sylvia Day Gideon and Eva, they broke the mold after you.

So I have to start by saying I’m not sure how to rate this one, because I feel like that it was an emotional roller coaster, some scenes I really had tears in my eyes. The storyline was fantastic, I loved that it picks up right where the other one left off, Gideon and Eva have made up from the night before (the night filled with ex-fiancées, strange doctors, and orgies in living rooms) . They are in a good place once the bad starts though, they both really do hit rock bottom. I thought it was well paced, a great mixture of hot and steamy (Eva has a thing for sex in vehicles, and she gets it, they even join the mile high club in classic Eva and Gideon fashion), emotional (Gideon actually cries) and a touch of mystery (well Gideon’s entire background and some other stuff as well, Eva turns out to be quite the detective). But overall I really enjoyed the entire story though I was an emotional wreck.

Eva is so beautiful inside and out, and her strength really showed in this book, here is this girl who is knows that she is more than her past. But the trauma that she has endured over the years are still scars, and I think that Ms. Day has done a wonderful job of creating a very realistic character. She loves Gideon that is clear and I was really happy that Ms. Day should so much of her growth as someone in a serious relationship. So here was Eva, happy to be with the man she loved, but she was still haunted by both their pasts, and as much as it was killing her, there were several points in this book where I thought she wasn’t ready to hear about Gideon. It is clear that Eva has been through therapy in the past, she knows herself and the drills well enough to recognize, and I admire her for the times when she didn’t let her suspicions get the best of her. We find out that more than anything else, Gideon wants Eva’s trust. And the moment she realizes that it’s what he needs the most from him she gives it to him unconditionally, and she does it in a way that only Gideon could appreciate, which was a moment that just made me smile from ear to ear because (unlike the girl is constantly compared to in that other book series,) Eva put her love for Gideon before everything, and while it may not be the smartest thing, it was the right thing for them. She is so strong in this book, she takes full control of a lot of the things in her life, and even at moments when she can’t find control, she someone manages to get through all those hard moments, and surprisingly it’s clear that her strength does not only come from Gideon. Also I want her to kick some french bitch ass.

Gideon, Gideon, Gideon, wow you stole my heart in BTY, but now like Eva you have my undying love and affection. Now while I have to admit Gideon remains a mystery in several ways to the reader, it is clear that more than anything in this world, Gideon wants to protect, love and be with Eva. I think he shows it in unconventional ways, but he does show it. Now, while a lot of people gave Sylvia a lot of bad comments about the fact that we still don’t know much about Gideon and his past, I actually think I like the story the way that it is. While the secrets do at times drive me crazy, I think that it is essential to Gideon’s own recovery that have Eva’s unconditional trust before he reveals what happened to him especially because his own mother didn’t believe him when he told her, and his brother lied about the whole thing. . Gideon was hurting for the majority of this book, and I was hurting right along with him. Now there were a few moments in there that I thought he was doing the wrong thing by Eva, but the amazingly awesome thing about Gideon is the fact that once he realized he made the wrong move he immediately admits and apologies, but he broke me so many times in this book, it was unbelievable. I really hope we get to know him better in the next one.

Secondary Characters

We finally meet Victor Reyes (Eva’s dad) and we get to see him and Gideon interact, but even more importantly we get to see him and Eva’s mom interact with him and I have a prediction for next book I think that Victor is going to get to know about Nathan, and he’s going to finally get to let go of Monica, because she never told him, and she didn’t protect his daughter But he and Monica clearly had something that was special, and it was nice to see that again.

Cary, oh my sweet boy, there were a few times during this book, where I wished that you and Eva would just run off and be together as a couple. Cary is in a bad place for most of this book, and I really hope that he works everything out by the next one, because he deserves to be happy for even a little while like Eva is in those moments with Gideon. Now the relationship between Gideon and Cary does need some work as well, because I feel that there is some jealousy on both sides of the fence between them. Eva needs to try to spend time with the both of them so they can see how she loves them both in totally different ways.

So that’s what I can say without giving too much away, I really enjoyed the book, and though it does feel like a middle book since there are now more questions than answers, I recommend for anyone who read BTY and had their heart stolen, here is a chance for you to get to know those characters a little bit better, and for you to be able to spend some more time rereading this new book till entwined in you comes along.