About That Night (Berkley Sensation)

About That Night (Berkley Sensation) - Julie James So the third installment in this series focuses on the U.S. Attorney Rylann, and Kyle, Jordan’s very hot, very bad, very sweet brother. Now I think this book was unique from the other two in a variety of ways, starting with the fact that these two met, and had a “thing” for each other in college. However, due to circumstances beyond their control, they were unable to really connect, and they lose touch for several years.

Now Kyle is such a charmer, its unbelievable. My fave lines:
“I don’t mind hot and spicy. Actually find that appealing in a girl…and chicken wings”
“Ask me to touch you. Trust me, I'll do all sorts of things you like even more than this.”

And Rylann was pretty cool as well. She is determined and focused, and heartbroken. The perfect recipe to swept off her feet by the charmer that is Kyle Rhodes. He really took her by and surprise, and ensured that she knew how he felt, and why.
"Smug Dimples leaned in closer. “I think your friend likes me.”
“She’s known for her exceptionally poor taste in men.”"

Kyle’s relationship with his sister and father was also one that I admired, he and Jordan clearly loved and cared for each other very much. "“Where, exactly, did you hear that? Siblings of Ex-Cons Anonymous?” And though Kyle didn’t always see it his father was proud of him, even when he was in prison, his father was proud of him that he accepted that he’d done something wrong and took the punishment that he was dealt. I loved seeing a family without drama, that really looked out for each other, and it was clear that even before the untimely passing of their wife and mother, the Rhodes were a close-knit, very successful family.

Though I will say I found the story to be not be as mystery and suspense filled as the first two. But the blossoming romance between Kyle and Rylann was so much fun to read about. Kyle is a sweet heart, and he knew what he wanted. And Rylann thought she knew what she wanted until Kyle came back in her life, as an ex-con. But it was quite the ride. I will also say that the steam factor was can’t breathe, and there’s steam coming from under the door HOTT this book was significantly more steamy that the others, so if that’s what you’re looking for look no further.

Overall if you’ve read the others, definitely read this. It was quick, steamy, and funny.