Beautiful Disaster

Beautiful Disaster  - Jamie McGuire Ok so I was super excited to read this one, hearing that its been compared to books like [bc:Bared to You|13451045|Bared to You (Crossfire, #1)|Sylvia Day||18973111], but I wasn't as impressed with the characters in this story, well I was impressed with one half of the couple that was the fighting, smile-wearing, sex on legs, screw-every-girl-that-gives-me-a-chance, hotness that is Travis Maddog Maddox. He was so beautiful, I felt like he was the beautiful and she was the disaster.

Firstly, Travis was very committed from the get go, and i felt like Abby wasn't ready to be in any kind of relationship. which of course I understand shes a freshman in college, but she kept leading Travis on which was the part I didn't like. I mean who gives a guy their virginity and then runs away and when they are confronted with their strange behavior says I thought that's what you wanted? seriously? disaster right? She very clearly was a child while it was Travis who begged for patience with his behavior I thought it was Abby who tested his patience, and mine as well.

Overall, I think that maybe if I picked up this book a year ago i prolly would've given it a lot more than the 2.5 stars i gave it this time, but my tolerance level for female characters being indecisive without good reason is very low at this point, i would've love to see Travis mess up and I kept waiting for him to do so, but passed being a lil bit possessive (over a girl who is living with you and dating someone else) I don't think he was ever a disaster, Abby on the other hand, was so not a heroine and more an annoying damsel in distress, that it just pissed me off a whole lot, and I just wanted nothing more than to call up Travis and tell him that he could have me for a lot less trouble, but I guess that he was in love and he wasn't seeing her immaturity as a bad thing, but it really did bug me. I realize that there is a sequel and I'm not really thinking ill read especially if its more of Abby treating Travis like a punching bag, and acting like his feelings don't count for anything.