Rock Chick Redemption

Rock Chick Redemption - Kristen Ashley Ok, this book was HILARIOUS! I loved Roxie so much, she was fun and fearless and so feminine (sorry bout all the F's), I thought Indy was my fave Rock Chick, but Roxie clearly surpassed her she had a real serious issue, I mean a psycho-ex would drive me crazy. One thing i wish had been added was a lil bit more background cause it seems that Billy (the psycho-ex) made like a 180-degree turn since they last saw each other, he was violent, and mean, and so aggressive, and it appeared to all come as a shock to Roxie. And Hank, my my my in the words of Roxie HOLY COW, Hank is sexy. He is so hott, and i think the thing i really like about him is the fact that even though is the very vision of a white knight (good cop always on the side of justice) his mouth is so dirty. He was so sexy and masculine, he and Roxie were opposites in how they presented themselves but together there was definitely some serious chemistry. Also, Roxie's parents' dynamics were so funny, I was laughing out loud the entire time, it was awesome, they were definitely my fave supporting characters so far in the series. I loved the argument about the tux that her father didn't think was necessary, and how he just discussed all his children right there, it was great. Overall, my fave book in the series, even though I'm not even half way thru but its gonna take a lot to top this one.