The Mighty Storm

The Mighty Storm - Samantha Towle So Jake Wethers (doesn't that just sound like a rock star name?) you stole my heart, you are the very definition of a bad boy, and I think Samantha Towle did a wonderful job of bringing out to life. Omg this book was legendary, it was one of the few books that I read that had cheating in it, that actually made sense. So here is Trudy Bennett, she is a writer (has a degree in Music Journalism - im not sure thats real but hey) and she get to interview the rock star who grew up next door, and like all rock stars he gets wat he wants and soon she is writing his biography and touring the band, the problem? Trudy has a wonderful, sweet, caring bf, but she's been in love with Jake since she was 10 so thats quite the conundrum, and i must say that ms. towle navigates the psyche of a cheater, and the two men who are involved in her life very well. At one point i was really feeling for Trudy being torn between these two guys, but I will also say there came a point where I thought she was just being a slut, and then later i started to feel for her again. This is a well-written book, with great character development as well as plot development, I think that its fun, and so detailed in certain parts i didn't know the songs but i could almost imagine how they sounded when Jake sang them, he is just eh ultimate rock star, and I understood Trudy until the end the last 3 chapters were repetitive and Trudy was acting like a bitch in my opinion. But that part was counteracted by the fact that there was a chapter with Jake as the lead, and I really enjoyed that, he was just fun, and I highly recommend this book, especially to music lovers.