Rock Chick Revenge

Rock Chick Revenge - Kristen Ashley so finally I got my Luke. So I've been smitten by Luke since I first met him 3 books ago and boy he did not disappoint at all. I have to say that while his girl Ava is not my fave rock chick (that's still Roxie), she was still very nice and fun. I do love that she attempts to tame him, and she does not get intimidated by anything. she is one strong chick, and I think that's probably why i really liked her, but I didn't enjoy the good ava/bad ava plot line that was just a little bit annoying at times, but Luke definitely handled his stuff, and was so happy with how he got his stuff done. also I loved the fact that now all the members of the rock chicks and hot bunch crew started betting on how long it would take Luke to get Ava to move in, and then on how long it would take them to sleep together, that was fun and funny at the same time. Don't know how felt about some of the changes that are occurring with members of the group, but hey i guess change always comes ok now off to the next book.