The Gamble

The Gamble - Kristen Ashley Omg this was an awesome book! I loved the entire story from beginning end, and one thing Kristen Ashley (KA) does right is give you characters that are both fun, funny, sexy and memorable. Even the "villains" have something about them that makes them stand out. I have to say Nina was so awesome, she was headstrong, and confident, and she knew wat she wanted and went for it, even though there was a dark cloud over her. Nina is one of those characters that I think will stick in my head for a while. Holden Maxwell (now that's a man's name) was so much of what i think of when I think of Mountain Men, he uses few words, lots of bodily language and is in Nina's words "domineering", but as with all KA books he does have a soft side, and in this case it's not been a bed of roses at all. but Max has he uncanny ability to roll with the punches, and in my opinion it was a lil bit sadd that it took Nina nearly the entire book to figure this out. Now the supporting cast was also amazing, the town of Gnaw Bone is just overflowing with quirky characters, from teh loud, non-holds barred taxi dispatcher who refuses to send a taxi to get Nina (but asks her out to get a drink), to the sweet and scarred Mindy, who I hope we get to know a lil better later on in the series, to the old man who sands up to Max when he thinks that he has harmed Nina. We also get to meet several of the important people in Nina's life and they too are quite the cast. My fave? Nina's mother who is just so out there but so fun, you know that she means well, but sometimes her emotions take over and its just funny. Overall one of the best books I've read this year, I love how KA has weave so many complicated stories in one book, adn there is never a dull or overwhelming moment. For people who haven't read any of her other books, this is a great place to start.