Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams - Kristen Ashley Ok so I just finished the second installment of the Colorado mountains, and let me start off by saying that i kinda wanna go find me a mountain man. So Lauren who is our protagonist in this story is pretty, cool (I mean she's no Nina, but still she has her moments), but even cooler than her is her really really mean, short-fused, dirty-mouthed mountain man Tatum Jackson, and let me tell you his mouth puts all the men of the Hot Bunch (from the Rock Chick Series) to shame. But he does have a short fuse, and he sometimes speaks before he thinks, and this does not improve, but Lauren is a great buffer for him, cause as scary as he gets she doesn't seem affected and continues to try to calm him down always. Now my absolute favorite character was Jonas Jackson, he was so cute, and yet so wise, and it was fun to meet a child character cause its the first time that I have in Kristen Ashley's books, and was definitely memorable. I do have to say that the supporting cast wasn't as fun as in the last book The Gamble but still they were well thought out and even the mystery plot this time around was pretty unpredictable, i never saw that coming. All in all a pretty straight forward story, KA does a great job of creating the small town feel where word gets around at the speed of light and everyone pretty much knows and has always known everyone else, which is really fun to read, cause the back story in this one is pretty twisted. Can't wait to start Lady Luck, but I'm already missing Carnal. Oh yeah and also, Nina makes a guest appearance though I wish she had more court dialogue cause she's so awesome at that lol.