Lady Luck

Lady Luck - Kristen Ashley Wow this book got waaaaaaaaaaaay serious, and maybe its because Ty is so serious, but it isn't as light hearted as the previous two in the series. That said, it is y favorite so far, i felt that the emotions, conflict and plot were very very real, and I really enjoyed the book. Ty and Lexi both have some seriously tragic lives, and that is felt from the moment u meet them with Ty walking out of a prison after serving 5 years for manslaughter and the first thing he says to her is "Shift knows two kinds of women whores and junkies, you a junkie?" that's the first real conversation that they have, and two days later they are married, so can i just say excellent set up for a wonderful story. Now while tate had a temper, Ty is the kind who does speak often, so when he does speak its very very intense and he cuts deep and hurts. But he cut up a lot of people, but he's also has the sweetest heart ever, and he was the first time that a guy says I love you first, and the moment he does was so beautiful. I also loved the fact that all the characters from the previous books (including my beautiful nina) are part of this book, its wonderful that tho Ty has had a hard life, he has these wonderful people around him.