Breathe - Kristen Ashley Wow I think that was one of the best of Kristen Ashley's books I have read thus far, it was so well put together, the characters were easy to relate to and realistic, the plot had me on a roller coaster ride, and just the general setting was amazing. So here is the fourth in the Colorado mountains series, and this installment was dark, this was not just romance book by far. I liked that Kristen Ashley took a different approach with this book, and so each chapter was from the point of view from an alternate lead, and the odds were mostly for Faye, and the evens were mostly for Chace with a couple of switches in there, and as a result in many ways this book was a lot less dramatic, the big blowout between the leads wasn't as big as in previous books. Chace was fantastic, he was sweet and kind, had a dirty mouth (which I loved) but also he had this overwhelming sense of responsibility, which probably comes fro having a sick mother and a gross father. Faye, well I think I finally met a character that I don't want to be like, but instead I am like, she reminds me so much of myself, its scary (no I do not watch battlestar galatica, but I am just as geeky about other things), she was so sweet and strong, and I loved that she had that temper on her (guilty as charged), meeting Malachi for me was hard, but I did really enjoy this social issue being brought up because I think that even with the fun of these books which can take you out of every day life, it's also important that we be more aware of some of the things that are happening around us, and this storyline broke my heart, and I loved Faye and Chace even more for doing something about such situations. The plot was a little bit less of a mystery mostly because both the lead characters were able to share their feelings so there was less tension, adn also because of the way the two stories were told. Nice to know that people can have normal parents in a Kristen Ashley book (lol), and the supporting cast was fun and also familiar, for those who have read the rock chick series some of them make an appearance which was a pleasant surprise, and the very mouthy Nina Maxwell was there as well, which was fun. All in all I think this is one of my favorite of the Kristen Ashley book i've read so far, but I don't know that i'll be able to re read this one soon, cause it was darker than the others, but well written, I felt a strong connection to several of the characters, they were so real, and their situations were very grey which is not always easy to deal with, but it makes them more human which I always enjoy.