Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect - Julie James So this is my third Julie James book, and off the bat I want to say this is my fave. While I really enjoyed the other two, omg I loved these characters. Firstly, Payton is the kind of feminist i'd want to be if I was a feminist, she is so independent, and smart, and witty, and she always knows her facts, and what to say, I also liked that she also knows how to apologize and at least thinks about fixing things when they go wrong. Not that J.D. (btw never found out what those letters stand for) doesn't know when to apologize he does, but the war that's waging between the two of them leaves them both often in worse situations that they anticipated. But I do like that J.D. is the kind to make grand romantic gestures, and also that is very patient, I have to say that as well. Loved Laney who was Payton's best friend, she is hilarious and always had her girl's back. Overall this is definitely one of the most enjoyable book I've read this year, I was laughing at loud really often, and people were staring so if you want a nice fast, fun read I highly recommend. I was actually sad when the book ended cause i wanted more, i feel these two as a couple would be so much fun to read about since for about 85% of the book they were adversaries.