Wild Man

Wild Man - Kristen Ashley Finally I story where there are no lies, or left out information, it is refreshing an awesome. No hesitation exists in the relationship between the cute sweet bakery owner Tess and the hot undercover protective hot detective Brock (doesn't that name just scream alpha male?) Now firstly, I have to say that there is initially a very big lie that Brock tells, but once we get passed that (tho it takes a while) the relationship is amazing, its so nice to see a relationship that no ex can penetrate, and all the problems in the world can't get in, although there are several external factors that do make being together difficult (friends hate him, his brother hates her, her ex husband, his ex wife, his ex gf's rapist, the list goes on), from the moment Tess gives Brock her trust and vice versa, nothing can break that it was so good. Every time someone tried to undermine their relationship, they were almost instantly shut down. I really enjoyed that aspect. I always get sad when people are too old to have kids together, its so hard to process, but I love that Tess faced this head on and was fine with it by the time she met and fell in love with Brock. Ans Brock is just a kind, and caring, and compassionate guy, its unbelievable, how wonderful he is as a boyfriend, friend, father and son. I know that is probably because life has not always been easy for him, but he always tries to make things better which is the best thing about him. Overall I really am enjoying the dream man series so far, firstly because get to meet up with some of our Rock Chick Hot Bunch, and also because these guys seem to be a lil deeper than some of the other guys, this is like mid-way between Rock Chick Fun, and the Colorado Mountains/The Burg series. But definitely a must read for those of us who are fans of Kristen Ashely.