Law Man

Law Man - Kristen Ashley Just when I thought I couldn’t love a KA man more than Creed or Luke, I meet Mitch, and he is more loveable than the others by far. So Law Man is the third book in the Dream Man series, and I have to admit that the first two books were nowhere close to as memorable as this one. Mitch meets Mara, they have been neighbors for years, but have never really had a chance to get to know each others, mainly because Mara has a huge crush on Mitch, but doesn’t think that she is worthy of the awesomeness that is Detective Mitch Lawson. Mitch has other plans, and after a series of normal and somewhat boring run-in and misunderstandings, Mara has something happen that changes their relationship forever, she suddenly finds herself with temporary custody of her second cousins, Billy and Billie, yup you read that correctly. And so a relationship is forged, and it is Mitch’s dedication to these kids that really steals my heart. There are moments where I forget that he was ever even after Mara, because he is so sweet with them. I really liked the plot, I loved the characters, I loved the relationships, and I also loved the fact that Luke and Hank were both in this story though for like 2 pages.

Mara is not my favorite by far of the KA ladies, but she is one that will stay with me. She is very emotionally damaged by her past, and this leads to her being very resistant to Mitch’s advances. And it got a little boring after a while, and I wanted to tell Mitch to forget about her and adopt the kids himself. But once they had their fifth heart to heart, and she understood that Mitch was really into her, and why she was a pretty good character after all. She was indeed a great mother for the two kids, and it was clear that more than anything she wanted them to have a better life than the one that she and their dad had with their crazy mothers. I really enjoyed when she finally stood up to her mother, and told her off cause it was about time that this was done. I also loved that once she had Mitch she trusted him unconditionally, with all the aspects of her life that were important to her. Also, she was so attuned to the children, she knew when they were acting out of sorts, and she knew when things were going through their minds. She was a little rough at the beginning but by the half way mark she was a good KA woman, just not my favorite.

Detective Mitch Lawson is indeed a dream man. The kind that shows up just when you really need him, and just takes over, and is amazing at it. I loved that he saw the best in Mara before she saw it, and that he was patient with her (even when my own patience ran out), and was willing to do whatever he had to get her to understand how he felt about her. But what really made me think that Mitch is the best KA man ever, was the way he loved those two children, who just entered his life by accident. And it was clear that Mitch liked their aunt, but that he loved Billy and Billie, and he was just so kind and considerate, and compassionate towards them. His relationship with Billy, and the way he fixed his first blunder with that little boy, was great, and even more than that, the way in which he was able to talk to Billy later, it brought tears to my eyes how he expressed his love for those kids. Mitch is just the best I have to say, and while both Hawk, and Brock were typical KA alpha baddasses, Mitch was just a dream more so than the other two.

Billy and Billie were true to form, and I liked that Billy even got a couple of his own POVs, and that he was so responsible when it came to his sister, it was so nice to see. Also and I enjoy this about most KA books, I liked that we got to see some of our old characters from other books, and other series. So if you’re a KA fan and have read the other books in this series please add Law Man to your list, its my favorite of the series so far, and I kinda regret I took such a long time to get to it.