Golden Trail

Golden Trail - Kristen Ashley Ok... so here goes, now there were definitely good things about this book so let's start with those things first.
The Characters...
Layne: Badass PI, hott beyond words, trying to be a good dad after knowing that he messed up. Good ex-husband, still looks out for his kids' mother even tho she's a bitch most of the time. did i mention hott, says all the right things when they need to be said. Is upfront with his two teenage sons which is admirable. Always honest, which is another great character trait, even when the truth hurts.
Jasper: Layne's 17yo son, who at first is a dick to his dad, but eventually we realize its just cause he was hurt by Layne leaving, and not being around as much as he wanted. But Jasper is a mini-badass in his own right, and he's also very responsible, protective and sweet like his dad, maybe thats why they don't always get along.
Tripp: the sweet, charming, always funny and very loving 14yo son of Layne. Tripp is very entertaining, and loves his dad, and brother, and want them both to be happy. He is also not as bold and upfront as layne and jasper, and when he gets hurt it shows almost instantly even when he tries to hide it. He notices the connection between layne and rocky almost instantly and encourages it.
Rocky: so the one who got away for layne, and let layne get away for her. She unexpectedly packed up all her stuff and left layne 18 years ago without ever explaining or it seems looking back. but when her marriage falls apart rocky and layne find each other again, and the chemistry there is out of this world. I must say i enjoyed that tho there was 18 years between them, they went right back to being that young couple having fun and loving each other.
And the supporting cast was also awesome, of course from the series we had Colt and Fec (mostly Colt being sweet and badass as ever), and Joe and Vi (again mostly Joe, being even more badass cause now he was being a dad to Kiera which is not easy at all) and Kiera being herself and very in love with Jasper.

The relationships....
One thing that defined this book for me was the varying relationships that existed. Layne and Rocky's family for instance, Layne and Merry (Rocky's brother) are really close friends, and yet this secret was between them but Layne just seemed to be able to put it aside. Then the great relationship that layne had with his boys especially once jasper got over himself, it was clear that layne had the boys' trust and respect, and that was so good to see him do right by them. Even layne and his mother had a very good relationship, she was a single mother, he was an only child, and she did a great job of raising layne to love and respect women, and to be the awesome badass that he is. Then the relationship that blossoms between jasper and keira and later tripp and giselle, also great to read about, these boys know how to be like their father that's for sure.

The Point of View
The entire book is told from Layne's POV which was great because we got to see a lot of the previous badasses be badass (Colt, Mike, Joe,etc) and that was fun, and we got to know layne's kids better because of it.

Don't want to give away too many plot details, but i have to say the plot was shit, all the side stories were stupid, Rocky's ex's infidelity, the prostitution ring, the reason Rocky left Layne, all of it nonsense, and I felt bad that these awesome characters got such a shitty story.

Having said that i think i'd still recommend just cuz i think layne and his boys are worth meeting in the KA universe. but i feel, torn about this book cause the boys and layne and even rocky will stay with me but i kinda wanna forget their side stories.