Games of the Heart

Games of the Heart - Kristen Ashley 4.5 Stars

Games of the Heart
So this is the fourth installation in The ‘Burg Series, and I have to say that the only reason I give this book 4.5 stars is because while it didn’t have the BS drama with lame excuses found in For You and Golden Trail, it also didn’t have the magic that was At Peace. I enjoyed the book very much. The one thing I have to say is that I really liked that there were two love stories that of Mike and Dusty, and also that of Mike’s daughter Clarisse and Dusty’s nephew Fin. Both stories were great, and full of a lot of realistic experiences. The story was good but not great, and although this is more of a character driven storyline, I missed some of the more action driven parts of some of the other KA books that I have read.

So Mike Haines is just the ultimate good guy, I have to say that off the bat. He is super kind, very thoughtful, caring, compassionate, and though an alpha we really got a full picture with him. But so sweet, he is the romantic that I think KA has been missing in her alphas, while I like the take-charge vibe, there is still something very special about a guy sending you flowers because its Wednesday.

Dusty is my fave female in this series so far. Because Dusty is so straightforward and upfront with everything. And the way she just opens herself up to Mike she is one of a kind. Dusty is also a very strong character, and she faces her brother’s death with such determination, the fact that she packed up and moved back to the farm to help her nephews was so admirable, and it shows what a wonderful woman, sister, aunt and friend she really is.
Clarisse was so fun to get to know, although I thought once her talent had been identified, I would’ve liked to get more of Mike, No, and Fin encouraging her to continue. But Clarisse and Fin’s relationship was beautiful, and so reminiscent of young love, and what it is to be in love at that age.

Finley was a man before he was a boy. And it was so clear that Darrin did an excellent job of raising his boy to be an awesome man. I liked how he stepped into his role the moment he had to, and that he had the ability to take to his mother they way he had to because she needed to hear it. He cared so deeply for Clarisse, and it was clear that he would do anything in the world for her.
As with most of the series by KA all our favorite characters from the previous books were also around. Including Cal and Vi who were in an awkward position in this book, but Vi came through as usual, with her caring ways, it was so obvious that she wanted Mike to be happy, and once that was confirmed, Vi and Dusty were able to be friends Also there was Ryker with his way too funny wit, Colt and Feb, Layne and Rocky and even Vera and Denin Glover. Among them a herd of new characters including Dusty’s BFF Jerra and her very outspoken husband Hunter.

A couple of things I was on the fence about whether I liked or didn't like. The story with Debbie, it could’ve gone really bad or really well, but in my opinion it went nowhere. The issue with the crime in the neighborhood, I thought that there could’ve either been more done, or it maybe even been completely left out. While I loved the two main love stories in the book, I wish we got to know No, and Kirb a little bit more.

But I have to say that I would recommend this book to anyone, especially if you were pissed at the way the last book went, I think this one might be able to make you a believer in KA again.