Defying the Odds

Defying the Odds - Kele Moon Now this was a really fast, fun, HOTT, sexy read. The two main characters are two people who are both broken (my kind of set up) and this chance meeting where Melody is a waitress working on Thanksgiving who buys a slice of pumpkin pie for the lonely male patron, Clay (love that name btw) who is at the diner where is works, assuming that he has no where else to be much like her. And from this quite the story unfolds. However, the reason for the three stars, is that while the sex scenes were yummy, the plot was lacking, there could've been a lil more background, and plot development. It would've added to the story and make it a bit easier to openly relate to. That said tho, I liked the story, but the supporting cast namely Jules and Wyatt were too mean, and too aggressive to a certain extent but I guess since their stories are next it was only an introduction, but I am interested in reading the next book in teh series so overall it was a fun read, just wanted a lil bit more.