Creed - Kristen Ashley now i want to say that this is a hate or love book, i dont think there is much room for middle ground with this one but i loved it. i really loved the all encompassing love that creed and sylvie shared.i have to say that this was not easy to read these are two people who were ripped apart and shattered into a million little pieces.i dont think there are many other charaters who deserve a HEA as much as these two.

i also have to say that those alot of KA fans seem to not like sylvies aggressive streak i thought it was scorching hottt. she was someone would was really hurting and she just buried it but it wasnt very deep because when she got drunk with her one close friend she spilled her hurt her pain her everything and that was not a pretty picture what happened to her and the fact that she was betrayed by the very person who vowed to protect made the hellish experience even worse. so that was sylvie i loved how she spoke like an alpha i thought that it was different to a KA female act like that, she didn't just look for trouble, nor did trouble always seem to find her, she dealt with her trouble like alpha would.

"He pissed me off. I attacked him. Got a bite and punch in. He defended himself. Things got heated in a different way. He gave me and orgasm after introducing me to bewilderingly good head adn rough hard sex, during which he carried me partway across a room still inside me and shortly after, i returned the favor. with the orgasm, i mean, i didn't carry him across a room."

Her relationship with Knight was awesome, two people who are so close, and yet they know when to give each other space, and how to do so. Knight sees her as more than one of the guys, he knows all that she has been through, and its very evident that he cares for her, and wants only the best for her.

And Creed probably one of most alpha of the alphas i've met, cause he knows when to be domineering and when to be patient and kind and sweet. Creed has always loved sylvie, and he has always done right by her, even when he left her and it turned to shit he thought he was doing right by her. And now he returns and realizes that he was wrong, and wants desperately to fix this. Another couple who is very honest with each other, which makes the story more realistic and also more heart-wrenching. What tears these two apart made me tear up every time Sylvie was confronted with wat happened to either of them, i got really sadd, but to see how Creed was able to look beyond it, and how his love for Sylvie helped him to overcome his hate for what happened to them was amazing.

Though I don't think i'll be able to re-read this one, i do recommend it, yes it a darker look at the world, but i don't think its too far from the truth, and it really shows how love can truly conquer all.