Backstage Pass

Backstage Pass - Olivia Cunning Ok so first of all I would like to say this book was steaming hot, i think that people should not be allowed to read this book in public places hot!. Um these scene were never "vanilla" and that made them so much better! Ok, so back to why i gave this book five stars, so here we have the sexy teacher fantasy coming true for Rock god Brian. And the sexy teacher? A human sexuality professor named Myrna (yeah I hated the name as much as the band hated the name). So of course wat happens when the rock star gets naughty with teacher? OMG those sparks were flying in every known direction. Also we meet the other band members and sexy cannot begin to describe these men omg omg omg. I adored each of the the guys especially Trey, he was just a super awesome friend, and maybe he had his own reasons, but they came out as just being a great guy. I loved Eric and Sed as the quintessential rock stars, banging hicks every night, stuff like that, and Jace for being the sweet and bad all at the same time. The dynamic with the boys was great to read about, and it just made the book all the more enjoyable for me. I loved that there is an actual research survey on groupies and promiscuity, that was really interesting and I would love to know the results of the survey. So right great characters. great plot, amazing sex scenes just amazing, and just my kind of book, so give it a chance but remember to be very open-minded cause there are some serious stuff going on in there. But i do highly recommend this one.