Wicked Beat

Wicked Beat - Olivia Cunning “But what do you get out of it?”
“I get to be with you. That all I want.”

So this is how it ends (at least in publication order, not so much in reading order). So Eric was the Sinner who it took me the longest to figure out. He was so unlike the other guys, it was hard to peg him. But I have to say I always thought he was really funny, even when the other guys were rolling their eyes at his jokes, I thought Eric was fun and so free spirited. It wasn’t until Hot Ticket, that I discovered there was another side to Eric Sticks. But I want to say this book was not the downer I thought it would be. Instead it was just a great journey together with two people who couldn’t be more compatible for each other.

Rebekah is such a cool, and fun and ever-optimistic woman. I think the fact that she has had 3 male-oriented jobs in the past, and is currently in one, is just a sign that she likes a challenge. But Rebekah shines when she’s confident about something, like when she could to to do the arrangement for the Sinner’s new song, she was so happy to be able to put her mark on what was happening. I originally didn’t like the fact that Rebekah was so into Trey, but I have to admit so was I from book one, so I can’t blame her there. I think the fact that she fell for Eric, and was so sure of her feelings was something that made her even more likeable. I liked that though she had been through so much in her short life, her ability to just roll with the punches made her the perfect girl for Eric. They both just accept the cars they’re dealt and try to make the best of situation. I think the last 3 chapters of the book, made me fall in love with Rebekah, the way she treated Eric just made it even more obvious how perfect she was for him.

“We both got our nipples pierced that night too.”
“Kind of like when girls get their nails done together.”
“Uh no.

Eric has stolen my heart for some many reasons in this book. This book had the potential to be downright depressing, but Eric being the the upbeat funny as hell awesome dude that he is, made the book so awesome. I think that Eric is so much more than we’ve seen. He is able to have all these feelings and emotions and he can’t hold them in. I loved that about him, how incredibly honest Eric was with everyone but especially Rebekah. Getting to see Jace through Eric’s eyes was also really sweet, he always viewed Jace as a really close friend even thought Jace didn’t always see it that way. I’m glad we got to see Jon again, we got to understand his and Eric’s relationship, it really showed a vulnerable and loyal side to Eric. And I loved every moment.

This was a bittersweet book for me, I wanted so badly to read it, but now my tour with the Sinners has some to an end. I will say that I loved that Trey’s true colors came through in this book, I’d been so in love with him in Backstage Pass, but his book (I know I read out of order) felt a lot less personal. Having read this one, I think that my crush back. I love these guys. I think Olivia Cunning did an excellent job of making five completely different guys, have completely different stories about how they fall in love. I can’t wait to know what she does next.