Hot Ticket

Hot Ticket - Olivia Cunning 5 stars aren't enough...

So I finally got the story of my favorite sinner. Now as much as I love an alpha male, there are those exceptions, and Jace Seymour is just that. I've had the biggest crush on him, since he set up hook for Sed and Jess, and even before that, there was just always something about him, maybe it was the mystery, but I was in love, and Olivia Cunning did NOT disappoint. Jace and Aggie's book was more serious than any of the others, and so the story felt more whole, and more complex. But let me start by saying there was still LOTS of hot, steamy, freaky sex. So much that I thought, Sed and Jess have nothing on these two for most of the book.

Jace really broke my heart in so many ways but I don't want to ruin the book for anyone but be prepared to cry and feel for him more than once. I have to say that I also loved that Jace was so sweet to Aggie, ans he way that he cared for the other members of the band. Also, the fact that he really didn't mind the way they always ripped on him, I thought it would be a problem, but it wasn't he saw it as his role. Olivia Cunning did an excellent job of maintaining his quiet demeanor throughout the series, and even in this book, Aggie had to constantly be clawing things out of him, and while that was frustrating for me, I think it was really true to the Jace I'd grown to have such a major crush on.

Aggie is the perfect woman for Jace in every way that I can think of right now. She is so patient, and non-judgmental, and loving, she is he woman who just wouldn't quit. No matter how many times Jace closed up or pushed her away, she was still always standing right next to him and supporting him. I think the fact that she didn't make a huge deal about the fact that he was shy t be affectionate in front of the other band members of band was awesome.

I found that in this book, far more than the others, the entire band was present. Jace wasn't as wrapped up with his love life, from the get-go it was a balance between his budding romance and his job. He didn't make stupid decisions, he was dedicated to both 100%. I found that to give more time for the guys to all be a part of the story. It was so funny the way they all interact with each other.

So of the entire series? This is my absolute favorite, I can't believe that I had to wait this long, but I'm so happy that I did, because this was the best written of the series as well. Can't wait for Snared.