Just the Sexiest Man Alive

Just the Sexiest Man Alive - Julie James Man I really really love Julie James' books, mostly because they provide the fun, funny forms of entertainment, just cool and refreshing no really dark turns or anything. And this book did not disappoint one bit. First of all this is a very typical Hollywood romance story, but the dialogue that Ms. James provides definitely makes this a worthy read. From the get go the protagonist a former tom-boy with 3 older brothers who is a lawyer would a sexual harassment case named Taylor Donovan says to her opponent, "call me when someone sees a penis," in an elevator with an elderly couple present, so u already know this is gonna be a good one. I loved the repertoire between Taylor and Sexiest Man Alive Jason Andrews. They are both so witty and sarcastic, it makes for a a great story when its the two of them. I also really enjoyed Jason's relationship with his best friend, must less well known screenwriter Jeremy. I liked it because Jeremy is Jason's rock, and it's very clear that he is the only one who can remind Jason that he is mortal, and this proves to be very important especially when Jason has to deal with Taylor who appears to be the only other person who is aware that Jason is mortal. The story flows really well all the other supporting casts are realistic and fun even if they are the villain (i want to think that he's sweet as well even if he was kind of dick the entire book). Julie James writes like a screenwriter, i kinda wish she was able to turn this and several other of her books into movies cause i would definitely be watching. Highly recommend if you want a really simple and yet enjoyable read.