Master of the Mountain

Master of the Mountain - Cherise Sinclair 3.5 Stars!

It was a very hot, steamy, sweaty read, and but my biggest problem with the book was not the content, or the plot or the characters, instead it was honestly the length of the story, there was soooo much room for more to happen. And if it had to be that short then we could've gotten there faster, cause i found the end to be very abrupt. But i liked the book, it was the story of a girl who was evidently not interested in her sex life with her boyfriend, so when he finally notices (he's a bit slow) he decides to invite her to a swinger weekend (which she never knew he participation in and they're living together) in the mountains. And it is there she meets the owner of the place they are staying named Logan, his big lovable og Thor, realizes that she's not swinger, Logan's a Dom and she's sub. Those were some of the hottest scenes i've read in a while, and there was clearly a lot between the couple, and I wish the author had time to delve more into Logan and why he is the way that he is, and even the relationship between the two brothers. So while i thought the story was good, it was also lacking in details that make stories great, but those characters were very interesting