Entwined with You

Entwined with You - Sylvia Day “If souls could be mated with wishes, ours would be inextricably entwined.”

Hi, my name is Shanna
And I am a Crossfire Fangirl.

So if you’re not, I think you needs to see another review.
I want to start this review by saying that I loved this book! I think that this had all the answers I was looking for, and it was written for me. I think that Ms. Day has taken a lot of flack for things that were out of her control. But was this Bared To You? Absolutely Not! It wasn't anything like it, but it was on its own, a great book. Though, I have some complaints, my biggest was the pacing, the beginning of the book seemed to drag on for quite some time, and then in the last 20% or so everything picked up at warped speed. Unlike the other books that had a general even pace all the way through. But enough about why people aren't reading, let's talk about why they are. I liked that there were so many moments where life was just good/great/fantastic for Gideon and Eva. Unlike the other books, EWY was overflowing with great and funny, and sometimes cheesy moments between Gideon and Eva.

“Don’t get any ideas, ace. I already put out this morning.”

“Sunburned and bowlegged. Sexy.”

“I want to see you tonight,” he said, as he shrugged into his vest.
“You just want to put it in me again.”
“Well, you did tell me not to stop. Repeatedly.”

It felt good. And here is why, I, SHANNA EMMANUEL, am not a fan of unnecessary angst. I don’t like the stupid lies, and miscommunication. It annoys the living daylights out of me, because lets be honest, its been done, and it makes me want to slap a bitch a few times. Ok now that the ranting is over, lets talk about Entwined With You.

"Angel, a crowd of millions could hide you from me. I found you once, I'll always find you.

Eva is my very very favorite female lead. She is so strong, and honest, and real! She loves hard, plays hard, gives hard, takes hard, but she’s a lady under all that. She’s a career woman, who is never late, and works hard, and is excited at the prospect of her life as a marketing consultant. She has money, but it doesn’t define her at all. She isn’t fearless, but she’s so strong that her fear doesn’t get in the way anymore. It is clear that there has been serious growth Eva from the first book to this one. She isn’t running anymore, and Eva is so damn sure that Gideon is all that she needs, that she is doing things that she could never do before. She’s loving like never before, lying like never before, and living like never before. I think that being with Gideon someone who loves her beyond her best conceived fantasy, gives Eva a whole new perspective on life, and love. But this book was not all flowers and roses, for either of them.

"In the previous forty-eight hours, I’d learned that my boyfriend had killed my rapist, one of my exes was hoping to spread me across his sheets, one of my boyfriend’s exes was hoping to smear him in the press, and my mother had microchipped me like a damned dog.”

And all that happened in the first 20%. But nothing phased the Gideon Eva connection that was for sure. They were solid, even though Gideon didn’t always believe them to be, they were, and I loved that about them. I loved that they were so live that they couldn’t see anyone else, and nothing anyone said could affect them. Eva was the glue though, while in at least the first 1.5 books, Gideon was the one pushing the relationship, it was clear now, that it was Eva who thought that together nothing could touch them. While Gideon was still battling his own demons.

Marathon man vs. Backseat man

1. Dark hair, light eyes, um check!
2. He knows, everything
3. Says things that can make you shiver all over
4. His title in this is Marathon Man! LOL
5. Is willing to kill for you...

1. Rockstar!
2. Has been there and wants more
3. Will fight Gideon for you
4. So damn determined

While I really liked Brett as a person, and I get why he wasn’t willing to give up Eva without a fight. Gideon is who Eva needs in my opinion, while Brett was (back then,) who she wanted. That distinction alone is all that is needed for Gideon to win the battle.

"Because Gideon wasn’t tamed and never would be. Just like a panther still had its claws, even when they were sheathed.
That was one of my joys. He gentled for me but remained true to himself. He was still the man I’d fallen in love with—hard with rough edges—yet he’d changed, too. He was all things to me, everything I wanted and needed in one imperfect man."

We finally meet the real Gideon Geoffrey Cross in this book. And boy he may be hot on the outside, but he wasn’t lying when he told Eva she didn’t know him. Now however she does. And I think that he is beautiful, but damaged on the inside. Gideon has had to wear this armour for such a long time, that it has fused to him, and it’s Eva’s determination, and love, that allows her to pierce the armour, and touch the man on the inside. Tears came to my eyes so many times during this book. Gideon was so out of sorts because of all that had happened with him and Eva, but he was not going to let her go, that was for sure. But he bared his soul to her FINALLY! He let her in, and he let her finally help him start to heal. Gideon really, really learns to trust Eva in this book, he trusts her, he loves her, he laughs and cries with her. But he also lets her touch him, and begin to help him. It was so good to finally get to see him, and hear his hurt, and his secrets. While it was hard, it was necessary, and I think that it’s the biggest accomplishments of this book. The barriers are down, we don’t know everything, but we finally know specifics. Gideon continues to battle with his sleep, and his dreams, but Eva’s not letting him push her away any more. And while he hasn't said it yet, I know he appreciates that she’s fighting for them. Even though this book was about Gideon’s battle. There were so many sweet moments in there. Gideon being super cheesy, and relaxed and fun. It was so good to see him, reach out to his sister, and to see him really just get to love Eva, and feel her love back. I think he’s the ultimate, and I love that Eva see’s his imperfections as the best part of him.

Cary, Cary, Cary, you are seriously telling yourself that cheating is OK because both parties know about it. So, Cary gets marginalized by Eva because of this Gideon secret. And its clear that while Eva has found something to ground her, Cary still needs her. I swear she lets him out of her sights for 2 nights and his life goes to shit. Cary is such a wonderful guy, the way he loves nad cares about Eva is just so amazing. And though we don't learn all that more about him, we do learn some small, sad pieces. But Cary is so funny, and caring, I completely understand why he is so important to Eva. I love their relationship mostly because they support each other so fiecely. Though I do wish Eva would use some Krav-Maga on Tatiana, cause she's just a bitch! Lol.

There were so many other characters who just gave this book so much more depth, I think I loved the contrast of life in the apartment with Eva and Gideon, and then we see them interact with all the people around them. It's clear that in that apartment is their place of solace, and they have so many issues to deal with outside, but when they are together, its a time for them to recharge. I don't want to give anything away, but let's just say that I now see many of the characters in a new light, some I like more, some I hate more. Two I want to be murdered by the end of this series.

So at the end of this review, what do I have to say, I think Sylvia Day is a freaking genius, because like Eva she understands that some things in life take time. I would never want these two to get rushed into anything! Because they need time. This is a book about two broken people putting each other back together, and we say Gideon do it for Eva, and now we’re finally seeing Eva do it for Gideon. But I think that there are so many more pieces to Gideon that it would not be fulfilling to have it wrapped up in one book. Plus I want more! This has been a story about timing, and i think that the timing for Eva and Gideon to sail off into the sunset isn’t quite here yet.