Down to You

Down to You - M. Leighton 3.5 stars for this one! i loved it.
Ok so writing this took a while, but i've been absorbing all the comments about the book first. ok so as with most of my reviews, I want to start off with all things I adored about this book.
I loved the back and forth point of views between the three main chracteers, it was more than fun, it made understanding the individuals a little bit easier, and made the story more exciting getting to see the various POVs of different situations.
The Twist
I think that the twist at the end was awesome, although I know that some of the more experienced readers and apparently people who watch soap operas saw it coming I am neither of the above so i didn't see it and it was really cool to me, it definitely will make this book stand out in my mind.
The Quotes
This book had some really funny, and fun quotes in there some of my faves included:
"what stays in the vip room happens in the vip room"
"Note to self: do not expect coherent thought to be possible when staring at Nash. motor skills may become impaired as well. take the necessary precautions.
"What is this? The land of misfit models?"
""You sure? Because I specialize in deassholization."

Among many others, some of which weren't fun but very hott, and sexy.

Overall, the good was indeed very good. But the bad made me hurt as well.
Too Short
This is the only bad but it is major, the book was so short that once we got to know the characters it was over, I know now that there is supposed to be a second and a third, but still grrrrrrrr it would've been nice to spend some more time with Olivia and Cash as a couple. And I hope that we will get to have a lil more Cash in the upcoming books.

Overall really fun, hott, sexy read and I would definitely recommend.