Walking Disaster

Walking Disaster  - Jamie McGuire So I usually agonize over giving books one star, because I know that the author works hard, and this is the fruit of their labors, but this book? this was basically the extra 100 pages Ms. McGuire didn't want to add to Beautiful Disaster. That said, I guess maybe I wasn't the right audience, for this book. I honestly think that this book was written for all the Travis haters out there. Here's the problem with that, I never hated Travis, I thought he was the shit. You wanna know who I hated? Abby, and now I want her dead and gone, and for Travis to get a woman who deserves him.

I'm not gonna do my usual analysis of the story, because if you want that read my review of Beautiful Disaster because this was the same freaking book! It had the same convos, in the same situations, for the entire freaking book. We got ONE chapter about Travis' past, and ONE about their future what the hell?

So what did I like about this book?

Travis - more than awesome! He was amazing I want him, didn't need convincing that he was a good guy.

America - I didn't hate her in the first book, but I want her to be my BFFL now! She was just amazing to both Travis and Abby

They explained the Pigeon thing - it was really sweet.

Spending a lil more time with the Awesome Maddox family! Those boys are pretty great, and I wish Travis would've spent even more time with his family. I kinda wish Ms. McGuire would give us more from them, but then again, I like strong, awesome female characters, and I'm not convinced she can do that yet. But I would give one more book a try.

So overall, this book was not for me. But if you thought Travis was a manwhore, and you hated him in the first book, this book is for you. Also if you don't mind paying more money to reread a book also for you.