Captive in the Dark

Captive in the Dark - C.J. Roberts 4.5 stars cause i feel like im being held captive
Ok so firstly, I have to apologize I've been meaning to write this review for a couple of days, but I was too taken by [bc:Seduced in the Dark|13612739|Seduced in the Dark (The Dark Duet, #2)|C.J. Roberts||19212100], but I'm going to attempt to give an unbiased review.
This book got such a high rating from me because in my mind it is one of a kind. This was a story that was dark, and it had moments when I had to breathe and step away because of the intensity of the scenes and subject matter. But at the same time, there were some moments in there where there was lighthearted sarcasm, and underneath it all this was the tragic story of boy meets girl, boy kidnaps girl, and then boy and girl fall in love with each other.

Olivia is quite the character, usually when there is such a strong, abusive (at times) male in a story the woman appears weak, and though Olivia was crying more than half the book, I don't believe her tears were a sign of weakness. Instead I think her tears were the only way she could communicate with her abductor without being rude scowling at him all time would get her nowhere. Now I will admit that I think she was a little too defiant there were some times in there where I just wanted her to obey Caleb just cause she would be in so much less trouble if she did. But I really liked her as a lead female in this book.

Caleb my beautiful beautiful broken creature, he is one that will go down in my heart. Caleb is so conflicted and it is clear from the beginning that he's not 100% sure that he wants to carry out his duties. He tries so much to perform his job objectively, but Olivia get under his skin early and she stays there no matter how he tries. And I must say Caleb definitely tries to let her be, and not have her affect him too much. But he is just so focused on his mission at times, and other times, he just wants a normal life with the girl whose name he doesn't even know, but who calls his name all the time. I believe Caleb sees himself in Olivia, and this is what makes performing his job so difficult, he wanted someone to save him, and now he wants to save her.

The plot is very straight forward in this book, and I will warn people to be prepared for some hardcore stuff, especially when Caleb tells his story it was not easy to read, and author C.J. Roberts I believe was well informed about how certain traumatic experiences can shape our lives forever.

I recommend this book, however, I will also say that I think that you should be a really good mood cause I was close to tear alot.