Seduced in the Dark

Seduced in the Dark - C.J. Roberts 5 stars Cause if you thought CITD was good, you haven't read anything yet.

So I just finished and I feel like i have to write this ASAP cause the emotions that I had to go through were just too much for me to be able to sleep without getting it all out.

So this book picks up right where the last book ended sort of. We meet Olivia and she's in a hospital, and is charged with being a terrorist. The story then goes back and forth between present and what happens in the four months after Rafiq visits them. Now I thought the first book was dark but the sexual sadism in this one is for the record books, there is some messed up stuff in this book. But there were so many things to love when rating I felt like this was such an original story, the way its told, adn the actual plot lines they are just so unexpected and interesting, I;m gonna be comparing all my books to this one soon. If the first book was Olivia's story into becoming a sex slave, this is Caleb's story of becoming a man.

"But I'm telling you, monsters aren't born, they're made and someone made Caleb"

So I want to start with Caleb because we learn so much about him in this book, and he really breaks my heart at times, and at other times he is the hero I always wanted and needed, the prince charming Olivia believed him to be in book one. He really really struggles in this book one his personal beliefs on everything he has ever known, and yes he does some really badd things to Olivia (though seriously if she would just OBEY! it wouldn't have been any close to as bad as it was). But while some of his actions made me cringe some of the other ones made me swoon, he was so sweet and kind and protective and caring. He stole the show in this book, he had me one the edge of my seat so many times in this book.

Olivia definitely has grown while she still has those moments when she frustrates me, I have come to understand alot of her behaviors, and her love for Caleb just stole my heart. I think that she was just so amazing as she is retelling her story to the FBI agents, and dealing with a shrink as well as all her grief, Olivia knows what she has is precious and she can now manipulate those around her to ensure she gets what she wants, and I was so happy to see her no longer a crying little girl but now a demanding woman.

I loved the story it was way beyond my expectation, and there are some twists in there that threw me for a loop, and I love that about a book, when I can't guess whats going to happen next I just love that in a book, that how u get 5 stars.

Well if even moderately liked the first book, please read this one cause wow, thats all i can say.