Gone Girl

Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn This is a book that YOU WILL NOT FORGET

I like to consider myself a reader, and as a reader, I want to say that I like to read, but Gillian Flynn’s book take me to a place where I think reading and visual arts meet. Her style of writing is so descriptive and detailed, but never ever boring . I think that she just knows how to set up a story so that even though you know that it is an absolute train wreck you can’t seem to look away. You never want to look away. And Gone Girl was just that a train wreck, it was a mind-fcker that you just fell further and further into.

Two characters who were so complex and intriguing that by the end you didn’t know who to love and who to hate. I honestly, cannot stop recommending this book to people. But this will not be one of my long reviews, because honestly, there is no way to describe the awesomeness that is this book without giving a tone a way. I want to say that I did identify with both characters at different points in the book, and I think that this is very exaggerated version of what an actual marriage is like, I think its just a hyperbole for marriage. I’m kidding of course, but I would recommend that all men read this as a cautionary tale. There was however, this relationship at the core of the story, and I think if you peel back all the parts that is what you would end up with, this story about a boy and girl, and who they were separate, and the people they became together. I have to say my favorite parts, were just the communication between Amy and Nick, I think there is something so real and authentic about the way they related to each other at times. While at other times, it seemed like they could almost say the right the things, but instead would ruin the moments, with just a simple jab, that was so unnecessary.

I had so many favorite quotes throughout this book, I have entire pages on my nook highlighted. The depth of the mystery in this book was also so flawless and fantastic, I loved that every time I thought I had figured out something, there was a new twist to the story.

Ms. Flynn writes for the intellectual, and she very much appeals to that part of me. I love the attention to detail in this book, the love letters, the random quizzes, which helped us to remember that Amy was once a quiz writer. The way the tone of the book changed with each section. Again I don’t want to give too much away, but if you haven’t read this book yet, I suggest you beg, borrow or steal it, and START READING RIGHT NOW!