I Hunt Killers

I Hunt Killers  - Barry Lyga People matter. People are real. <--- Jazz's mantra <br/>
So this book was just a healthy dose of exactly what I needed and when I needed it, I felt that this is one of those books that gave me nightmares, but I just couldn't stop reading. Every character is clearly well developed and thought through, and their role in the overall story development is clear, and fantastic. Though, I will boast that I was able to figure out who the killer was about half way through, but the actual revelation didn't come until the end, but I did my happy dance when it came. Mr. Lyga has created characters that you love, and fear, and though I get why he would want to do so, it was still scary to be reading at times.

Jasper "Jazz" Dent is quite the kind of character that is so multidimensional somewhere in the back of my mind I just keep thinking that he must be real. I have to say that I was a little bit creeped out my some of his internal thoughts because they were so sociopathic, but believe me, I completely understand why they are what they are. But Jazz is just such a ball of thoughts and beliefs, and strange habits, I have to say that he is really a great character, I think Barry Lyga was able to balance, the 17-year old kid, with a born and bred killer effortlessly:

“Jazz wished he knew how to explain it. It wasn’t a matter of wanting to kill people. It was simply that when there were so many people, didn’t they seem, well, expendable? The more people that were around him, the less personal they became. The less real”

Now apart from the awesomeness that is Jazz Dent, there are the people who hold it all together for him. I think that Howie’s character add the comedic relief so effectively, and flawlessly, I think in Howie Jazz found a place where he was able to know that no matter what may come his way, Howie would pull him back from the darkness, or at the very least, Howie would try to pull him back from the darkness. “…if Jazz wanted to stay as human as possible, it was necessary: Howie kept
Jazz close to the line of safety and legality”
and he often did it with just such a wit about him. I like that he is sick, and he is weak, because I think it speaks highly of Jazz to be so intertwined with someone who would be in his father’s calculations, the perfect prospect.

Then there is Jazz’s super confident, and strong, and ballsy (I mean her bf is the son of a serial killer) Connie. And while Howie keeps Jazz on the straight and narrow, Connie gives Jazz the reassurance that he is as normal as he can be, and even his form of normal is perfectly well, normal. She loves Jazz and that is clear in that she takes the time to gauge him, and try to make him understand that she loved him for him. She was always supportive, but she was also clearly not afraid to tell him when she thought he was wrong, and stand up to him. But she was scary, which was clear in the explanation that Howie had of her: “There’s a little-known corollary to bros before hos, which states that if Bro One is terrified because Bro Two’s girlfriend can make his nose bleed just by looking at him the wrong way, he’s allowed to put hos before bros. I chose to implement that corollary because your girlfriend is a total badass”
I do also really like the relationship that Jazz had with the Sheriff G. William, I think that it is so important to Jazz’s development, that even when Jazz is frustrating him, he still takes time to try to make things work between them. I think that it’s also one of the reasons why Jazz hasn’t tried to go to the other side as yet.

I highly recommend this book, it is thrilling and fun, and scary but it’s worth it! I can’t wait for the next installment.