Feral Sins

Feral Sins - Suzanne  Wright Fantastic! Hot! Sexy! Intriguing!

OMG! I don't think I have read a book that made me blush this much ever! These scenes were amazing, all the characters were so much fun even the ones that I didn't like were awesome. I have to start my saying TREY puts all other alpha males shifters or otherwise to shame, he is so domineering, and hot and gorgeous. His mouth is filthy, he knows what he wants and he goes for it. I especially loved the sex scenes cause Trey would not back down for anyone, he was just the kind of guy who was determined and at the same time responsible and sensible. Trey meets the beautiful and sarcastic (a girl after my own heart) after he kidnaps her and makes her an offer she is in no position to refuse, and so begins a relationship that transcends logic but is filled with love, respect and mutual alpha behavior.

Taryn is not your average latent she-wolf shifter. Her latency means she can't take her wolf form, but it doesn't mean that she doesn't have a wolf who wants nothing more than to take over, and her wolf comes just to the surface. She has such a mouth on her, the quotes were so many I can't even identify a few that I like the most, it was just like every couple of pages, when we would get her mouth to just say all those amazingly funny and mean things (the two things that I love most in people). She was beautiful and strong and endearing. I didn't like that she got pregnant so soon, I wanted her and Trey to have some more alone like and more orgies cause those are HOTTTTTTTTTT! But I understand it was part of the story development, just thought it could've happened differently But Taryn is now one of my new fave female characters she is so strong and yet she knows exactly how to support her mate, which is one of the very definition of strength. I also loved her connection to Joey the way she kept him in her heart was touching, and it allowed for Trey to be able to see the dedication he would have if he could only get her to love him.

So the supporting characters and there is quite the list:

Dante: my fave of the Phoenix pack, loyal, sweet caring, he was the one who really supported the mating of Trey and Taryn, and I admired the way he backed up his alpha.

Dominic: those one liners were epic! Some failed and they epicly failed! and some were awesome, and thy were epicly awesome! So much flirting so little time.

Greta: the matriarch of the Phoenix pack, and Trey's SUPER mean grandmother, her back and forth with Taryn was some for the most entertaining parts of the book (outside the sex).

This is a book I want everyone I know to read, that's how great it was, everyone was just so unique and yet they all fit together in this pack, like they were meant to be there. So happy I read this.