Seduction and Snacks

Seduction and Snacks - Tara Sivec So, this was a book I know it gets mixed reviews but I loved it. It might be because I just read a really sad tragic one before this one, but S&S was exactly what I needed. So really messed up situation we got here, a girl loses her virginity in a night of drunken pleasure, and pain. The brutally honest nature of this book is refreshing things aren’t all puppies and rainbows. And I think that Tara Silvec really remembers what its like to be 20 and 24, the voices of the characters are so true to how at least I think its not even funny (well actually seeing it in writing was freaking funny).

Now I have to be honest there were a few movements towards the end where I thought Claire’s neuroses was a little bit annoying, but then I remembered that this was her character, and lets be honest we all know people like that. I really loved some of her moments, and I liked that she accepted her fate, and he had a great support system to help her out. Some of my fave Claire moments were just her inside her head, she really was struggling after she saw Carter again. But I liked that they were able to get though all the BS and just be able themselves with each other.

Carter was so sweet. The way he feel in love with Claire and the fact that he not only looked for her after the night, but that he pined for her for almost 5 years was just so heart melting. To be honest Carter is more a sensitive guy than I’m used to reading about, (at least his thoughts were,) and I really liked that about him, I liked that Claire made him nervous, and that more than anything he wanted to be with her and his son. His love for his son was just so beautiful to read about. I loved his characterization.

Gavin is the star of this book, he is the four year old that you would love to have around but don’t want to call your own. I think I want to sum up Gavin using only some of his quotes cause I can’t think of any better way to put him together.

“Mommy don’t feel good today and I got a big wiener.”
“Hey, Carter I’m team Jacob bitch!”
Let me touch your boobs.”

Among so many others, and I’m sure it did not help that he was wearing a “Hung like 5-YEAR OLD “ T-shirt. Drew and Liz are the awesome best friends, Drew with his flavorful words for Carter’s ex, (Slut bag McFck Stick was my fave) and Liz with her incredible love of sex and sex toys, and trash talking and Claire were lots of fun as well. The entire cast of characters were very much fun.
Loved the titles of the chapters, had me cracking up more than the contents:
Beer Pong May Cause Pregnancy
Snickers Finger Arm Tree
Claire’s Coochie Kills
They’re Called Nipples
I Got a Big Weiner

So should you read this book? Most Definitely, it is hilarious, and it’s a great read if you want to get over any dark scary reads you might’ve had before. I loved every moments and couldn’t stop laughing. I think I’ve told everyone I know at least one joke from this line up so… give it a try.