Point of Retreat

Point of Retreat  - Colleen Hoover 3.5 stars

So after the wonderfulness of Slammed, I dove right into Point of Retreat, and I think I did that mostly because I wanted more Will and Lake. But I have to say that while the first book felt whole and complete, this one felt more like a novella. Don’t get me wrong there was never a dull moment, especially with the addition of Eddie and Gavin, and Kel’s new neighbor friend Keirsten and her mom Sherry. However, the story itself, wasn’t as full, and rich and complex as the last book. That said there were several things I really liked about this book.

Kel and Caulder play a much bigger role, which is so funny. The two of them are clearly growing up, and I love their dynamic. They are best friends, I wouldn’t know mind getting to see them grow up together, and just be best friends forever. I think the way these two care not only for each other but for their older siblings, also come clear in this book. Caulder get to attend his first slam, and he eventually will perform, and let me tell you, I was weeping during that performance (I know I am weak).

Eddie and Gavin, have both gotten even closer to Lake and Will, and it becomes clear that they are an important part of the family that is growing here. I like that Will has a guy to talk to all the time, and that he is able to be an advisor for Gavin. Will and Gavin love their girls very much, which is evident in the way they look after them.

Two new characters that are added to the book, that I just thought were delightful, were Keirsten and Sherry. Keirsten is 11 and Kel’s crush, and she is the most mature 11 year old, I have ever read about, but she is also so smart, and funny. I think that the author did a great job of giving Will a mother figure in Sherry. I also think she did a good job of showing that Kel and Caulder were being raised right when they stood up fro Keirsten. Sherry and Keristen really prevented me from ever being bored, I thought that they were so good for the dynamic of family that already existed amongst these characters.

Read this book! I have to say that my two fave poems overall are in these pages. Because of You and Suck and Sweet / Both were fantastic, and if Ms. Hoover wanted to just keep writing about these characters, I promise, I’ll keep reading.