Office Affair

Office Affair - Jess Dee Meet Melissa and Ben, two hard working investment bankers who were colleagues but never friends. But recently Ben’s productivity has dropped and Melissa thinks she knows how to help him – a quick office affair strictly physical of course, only in the office, after everyone has left. But while Melissa doesn’t want anything too complicated, Ben thinks its time to take a chance. Now this was a super quick read, but I have to say that I was actually sad that it ended and I would love to get another chance to see these two be in an actual couple because while there was a lot of interaction between these two, we never saw them be together. Still they captured my heart, Ben was so cool and collected, he knew what he wanted and even when Melissa was unwilling to give it to him. Melissa was such a determined, and motivated young woman and I could really identify with, and Jess Dee made her such a dynamic and beautiful character. She had all these insecurities and fears, but she was so determined to succeed in EVERYTHING that she put these aside to get what she wanted.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants an easy, sexy, quick fun read especially if you do work in the corporate environment (cause there were some really fun ideas in there).