Touch Me

Touch Me - Olivia Cunning Oh Man I love these guys.

I have to say that Owen might be my fave of the band mates. He is so sweet, and caring, adn just so willing to help all the time. He goes to a sex club, and looks for the girl who is cowering away in the corner. I think that once you learn about Owen's background you come to understand why he is to giving, but also so guarded.

I also really liked Caitlyn, I think she was so perfect for Owen. She was so understanding of his relationship with Kellan, even though she was not in a very good place at the time that they met. Being recently divorced, and especially the way the relationship ended (with the dirt-bag cheating on her) I think that Caitlyn is just so strong and brave to try and put her self out there the way she did.

Overall I loved this book! I liked how the story came together. The super hott sex scenes were superb as always. And that twist at the end has me begging for more.