From Rags

From Rags - Suzanne  Wright 3.5 Stars

So this was a well put together book, there were no major flaws in characters or plot, and I loved the protagonist Jaxxon, and as my second book Ms. Wright I love her females cause they’re such alphas in their own right, just forward and strong women, it always way more fun to read about them, than it is to read about damsels in distress in my opinion.

So Jaxxon, waitress from the foster care system turned super model (when does that ever happen but still…) she not afraid to speak her mind, not ashamed of her past, obviously hot, and achingly loyal. Now Jaxxon is all these things, and it draws so many people to her including her very own stalker. While Jaxxon is in my opinion the fictional personification of a man-eater, she is also the object of affection of former foster brother Conner. Conner the race car driver who has always had a thing for his younger foster sister, and finally gets a chance to be with her, only to realize that she wants nothing to do with him.

So this was a good story great lines, I think so far Wright’s lines are so classic they made me laugh long after I have read the books. But unlike Feral Sins, this one was not as one of a kind, it really isn’t stand out in anyway that I think I’d want everyone I know to read it.
That said you want a sexy read with some hot characters, with dirty mouths and a love of thrill and a good time, Jaxxon and Conner are the couple to meet.